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Karlene T Clark

Karlene T Clark’s Latest Release

Short story online only:
Hydaro and Lena aren’t a typical couple. Two elves of very different backgrounds, bonded together, find themselves walking a strange path to redemption. Priestess and warrior forge a magical journey to face the demons of his past.


A little "magpie" that knew only how to pocket "shinies" makes a bold choice in trying to steal from a fancy man's house. That choice created a long-reaching effect for a girl just on the verge of becoming a teenager.


Terry A Clark’s Latest Release

Cherry Blossom Promises: Beryl and Dar are so much the opposite, it's fun to see the change in both of them as the story goes on. 

Linda, on Amazon

Loved your book cherry blossom promises. Beautiful story about a difficult subject. I love that Beryl was strong and didn't need to be rescued.


Siren's Song: This is a GREAT short story! I want to know more for sure. Wow! It drew me in quickly and left me yearning for more when it ended. I felt disappointed when I realized I had reached the end so quickly. It feels like I barely began and then it was over. (That's a good thing!) I look forward to reading more from this author.

A Ranger's Homecoming: The book grabs you from page one. There is Romance, and Action, and suspense, Oh My! I highly recommend this read!

Heather, on Goodreads

Ruth, on Facebook

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