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A Ranger's Inheritance

Book 3 in the Ranger Trilogy


While Grimsho has flourished with Annie leading the people towards a brighter future, Amilmamir had left something unfinished in his homeland. Once again, a Nermakiir is called upon. War and death continue to plague Tuarenlin, with no explanation to the people as to why they must fight when they all know death is the only outcome.The Oracle asks Erik Amilmamir Nermakiir to step up to the task. All he wants is a quiet life surrounded by family, yet he has grown up in several locations, across many lands, as he completed the training that would make him more than just a regular ranger. Alternately called a hero and an abomination, he struggles to find his place amidst the names, his history, and his legacy. Called upon to sacrifice and protect, the heroes of the past once again take a place at the side of a Nermakiir. It now falls to Erik to determine if he’s ready for the inheritance waiting for him. This third book in the Ranger series filled out the backgrounds of many of the people from the first two books, including Nang and Vicarious, while telling the story of Erik Nermakiir. Carrying the heritage of two different peoples and paths, he discovers who he is when adversity puts him at its center.

A Ranger's Inheritance

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