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A Ranger's Legacy

Book 2 of the Ranger Trilogy


The island of Grimsho, not far from Lareah’s shores, suffers under the oppression of a violent warlord. Voland Faustus, wishing to redeem a past mistake, takes up the crusade of saving what remains of the downtrodden people. Struggling to find supporters to his cause, he gains Annelise Erickson. The somber man is in for a surprise as he finds the cheerful little monk to be a rallying point for others. Those that served with Amilmamir step up once again, now under the banner of Anne. Sentinel Hal Jorgenson takes his place among them, willing to risk death to see Grimsho safe… not only from a troublesome overlord, but a menacing spirit that allows undead to plague the unfortunate survivors. Serving the people remains his central focus, but Anne needs protection too. Cheerful and feisty, Annelise has been tempered by the results of Amilmamir’s quest against a foreign queen. Her own adventure begins with Old Magick, giving her a choice for the future with far reaching consequences. The laws of nature turn the tables again as undead and odd creatures vie for control of the same people the warlord is trying to keep under his thumb.

A Ranger's Legacy

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