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Cherry Blossom Promises

Romantic magical steampunk alternative history set in Grand Forks ND.


Set in an alternate Grand Forks, ND, Beryl Rarelith lives in what she always thought was an environment that protected her from dangers like goblins outside the city walls. But when the upper class young elf decides to see the world of steam and magic outside her window, much more starts to come to light. Sweet and innocent, she wants to believe the best of everyone, regardless of the circumstances. Choosing to focus on helping others, she can’t quite see what’s happening in her own family home… or doesn’t want to. When Dar'ethar, a half-elven bard, meets Beryl, he discovers a love of something aside from himself. As he gets to know the always pink-clad lady, he realizes there is something more nefarious beneath the perfect exterior of her family. He takes it upon himself to investigate her family’s dangerous and secret life which leads him to travel by steam buggy, teleport stations and the realm of shadows throughout Montana, New York, and into Canada. His dedication may just be the death of him as assassins and other unexpected creatures interfere with his investigations. He can only hope to keep his promise to protect the woman who always smells like cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Promises

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