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Dawn of the Golden Sorcerer

Chrio Warren had a charmed childhood as a sorcerer's son. Magic is life and purpose, even if his best friend Fehr is only a wizard. The golden child, everyone's favorite, faces huge life changes as he moved into his teenage years. His world was turned upside down, leading to him needing to go out and find a mentor for the magic that had outpaced his father's teaching.

With his friend Fehr at his side, he is ready to take on the world! Lareah seems a great location... until everything starts to fall apart. Ranger Amalmamir, the captain of the guard, and many others think he's behind some nefarious trouble. To make it worse, the trouble he thought he had left behind may have followed him. He'll have to become an adult, setting aside any last bits of his childhood, if he wants to survive the trials and tribulations that go way beyond what a young man should have to face.

Dawn of the Golden Sorcerer

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