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Magpie's Flight

Written by my husband, Terry A. Clark.

When an eight year old girl loses her family in a fire and no one in the community is willing to help her, she is taken in by a woman that claims to care for her "little street rats." Sweet Mary teaches her that there are no free rides in life; if you want to eat, you need to earn your keep. A chance encounter at a nobleman's house opens her world to a new possibility. If she accepts it, she'll be putting not only her own life, but that of her friends, in terrible danger.


Tisha Cooper is only 12 years old when her new training is put to the test against an underground evil that threatens the lives of the youngest street rats working for Sweet Mary. Being on the verge of becoming a teenager is hard enough; now this young girl needs to determine within herself if she is capable of tackling an evil much bigger than her small size.

Magpie's Flight

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